Wonalancet, New Hampshire


Rusty truck

Acrylic on masonite..1979 Joey Barkhouse

Stone owls on driftwood

Stone owl on coral

stone owls on driftwood


driftwood fish carving


Driftwood fish carving

Right Whales

I found an old slide of a painting I had done of right whales many years ago. The slide was damaged and badly color-shifted. This is how it looked after some Photoshop correction

humpback whales

About 40 years ago, I was a painter. Recently, I found some photos of some of my work. Here is one.

future fish

We went out in the little boat looking for driftwood. I found an island with many dead trees lying on their sides. Among the trees were half rotted branches and small stumps. I had found driftwood heaven. But within a short time I was keeling over from the heat. I had some nice pieces but […]